Sri Krishna Public School, Jamshedpur

Sri Krishna Public School is a co-educational English Medium school managed by the Srikrishna Public School Managing Committee and sponsored by Dr. Srikrishna Sinha Sansthan, a regd. society at Jamshedpur. The basic Philosophy and the ideas of dr. Srikrishna Sinha, the first Chief Minister of Bihar, of which Jharkhand was a part, form the guidelines of this institution. Dr. Sinha wanted all-round development of this area through an idea and sound system of education, which was to be developed based on modern science and technology. Himself a great scholar, he wanted his state to lead the other states of India in the matter of education... Read More

To mould a caring, confident, creative, gracious and morally upright individual who will make positive contributions... Read More
The administration of a business is synonymous with the performance or management of business operations... Read More